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CODENSA and EMGESA electric fleet reduced carbon dioxide emissions in Bogotá 

2/5/2014  Bogotá 

• Since the program’s inception, electric cars and bicycles have transversed 300 thousand kilometers. • The fleet, consisting of 16 electric vehicles and 48 electric bicycles, is the largest in Colombia. • In addition to protecting the environment, the use of electric cars and bikes also provide benefits such as saving time and money. • The companies have so far invested more than COP 1,800 million in the implementation of this program.

The electric fleet of CODENSA and EMGESA has avoided the release of over 32 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)* in the close to 300,000 kilometers they have been used since this novel program was implemented two and a half years ago. 

The implementation of this fleet, comprised of 16 electric vehicles and 48 bicycles for internal use, the Companies have invested 1,830 million COP to acquire the vehicles and bicycles and the mounting of the infrastructure necessary for their charging, among other things. There are currently 48 charging stations for bicycles and 15 for cars located in the Companies' offices in Bogotá.

The electric fleet is an initiative of CODENSA and EMGESA's Zero CO2 Emissions program, which is designed to promote electric mobility, as a transport alternative that does not generate noise or atmospheric pollution.

"The Zero Emissions Mobility Program is a very important work front for the Organization, not just because it aims to achieve our strategic objectives, but because it actively contributes to improving the quality of life for those of us living in the city and of our employees. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to help build a more sustainable city," stated Endesa Colombia's CEO, Lucio Rubio Díaz.

E-Bike to Work

The E-Bike to Work program, implemented in 2011, has 48 electric bicycles that may be used by employees between work and home.  Thus far, 318 employees have benefited from this program, totaling 11,600 trips.

One of the main benefits of this kind of transportation is the improvement in commute times, because mobility can increase up to 10 Km/h at peak traffic times, going from 15 km/h, (the average speed a traditional vehicle reaches) to 25 km/h (which a bicycle can reach). Thereby saving close to a half hour each trip.

Electric vehiclesCODENSA and EMGESA's electric vehicle fleet is the largest and first acquired by a company in Colombia, as part of the plan to replace gas-powered cars with electric ones. 

The fleet was set up in 2012 with 16 Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicles for personal transportation of the Companies' staff. The car fleet allowed the saving of 16 million COP in the first year of operation from the purchase of fuel, maintenance and changing of oil, refrigerants and coolants, etc.

Testimonials from Benefited Employees

- Gian Paolo Daguer, Head of Environmental Generation"By riding the electric bike, I spend 75% less time commuting. I also get to experience the city and unwind."

- Cristian Restrepo, Hydrocarbon Billing Professional"The greatest benefit has been the decrease in travel time between home and the office compared to travel in a bus or taxi. My stress levels are down and it's a more comfortable ride."

- Marlon Alejandro Bedoya, Business Technologist "I save time and the money I'd spend on transportation. I've noticed that it helps me manage stress." ---------*The number of CO2 emissions not produced by the Companies' fleet is calculated by considering that each traditional car produces 2.3 kilograms of CO2 per liter of gasoline and that an average of a bit less than 10 kilometers is traveled per liter.


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